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GoPro .MP4, .LRV & .360 files

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Create Your Own Private Video Street View

  • Cost-effective: Just need a GoPro or Video Camera with corresponding .gpx files with timestamps
  • Start by testing the system for free with YouTube video routes
  • Use my GoPro batch tool to quickly and easily add hundreds of video street view routes
  • No time consuming video editing or uploading needed
  • Local videos are private to yourself and select clients
  • Add value to your clients by selling an external hard drive of videos that they can use with the pro desktop apps with no lag or buffering
  • Videos come straight from the hard drive with no nasty added compression and zero buffering
  • Select whichever video resolution your video camera supports (up to 6K on GoPro Max)
  • View 360 videos with the Windows 10/11 App and take in the whole scene
  • Unlimited free views, plays and map interactions
  • Video routes are hosted forever or until you may decide to remove them
  • View routes on this website and also within the desktop apps
  • The best street view alternative!
  • Start with free trial video routes to test the desktop apps
  • When you are finished with the trial, sign up for a subscription using my secure payment provider and start adding video routes with no delay
  • Create your free account today to get started!

Desktop Pro Video Surveying Apps

  • Play awesome GoPro Hero 4K or GoPro Max 360 6K videos directly from your hard drive with no loss of quality and no video editing or uploading needed!
  • Take advantage of dual monitors and have the videos in one screen and the map in another. Perfect for pro video surveying of roads or just enjoying the full video map experience.
  • Use the built in video tools to skip the video a certain distance with each click and even skip as a slideshow with a interval of your choosing.
  • Click to skip back and forth video frame by frame and see the world in incredible detail with the current position always on the map!
  • Easily click on video route lines to instantly seek points in the video with no lag or buffering.
  • Use the batch gps extract system to quickly add hundreds of GoPro local videos for Windows 10/11 and Apple Mac Apps.
  • Review route lines on the map with the help of advanced tools before purchasing.
  • The best street view alternative!
The local application has made it really easy to access and control HD video playback, which has made determining the location of roadway features very efficient. It’s allowed me to create a fully mapped video library of a city or town’s road network using hardware (GoPro cameras) that I already owned. Uploading the videos using the Batch feature is easy and very quick. The ability to watch videos in real time or using the variable speed distance-lapse still shots allows me to perform my roadway assessment without having to click constantly!

 Lance Baden, Baden Consulting Services, Massachusetts