Record a .gpx

Don't have a GoPro? Have a DJI Action or Osmo Pocket instead? It is still possible to add a video route to, all you need is a gps logger e.g. myTracks (iPhone), Komoot (iPhone), GPS Logger (Android) or Komoot (Android).

It is as simple as pressing record on the gps app at the same time as pressing record on the video camera, stopping the gps app at the same time as stopping the video and then exporting a .gpx file that can be imported to

It is also advisable if you can to record a .gpx with a smartphone or other device such as a Garmin watch when recording with a GoPro as sometimes the GPS signal in the GoPro goes wrong whereas a smartphone tracking app does not usually record big GPS errors. There is an option to import .gpx when adding a video route to the map.

Give it a go now, click one of the links above and download an app!

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