Mobile Phone Demo

Browse the website, draw a video route with easy tools such as geolocation, snap to road and undo. Add it instantly to the map because the video is already on YouTube. Go to the Street View Video Map page now to have a go!

Use Komoot App to Record .gpx Route for Website

Use the Komoot App for Android to record a route that can be added to the website (search app stores for Komoot to download).

Press record on the Komoot app at the same time as pressing record on your video camera (GoPro, DJI Osmo Pocket etc) to track the route you are videoing.

You can place your mobile phone in your pocket, it should record where your going just fine. When you get to the end, take the phone out and press and hold the stop button to finish at the same time as stopping recording the video.

Recording routes with activity tracking apps like Komoot is often more accurate than importing .LRV or .MP4 files from GoPro cameras. The GPS track in GoPro cameras often goes very wrong so it is a good idea to use Komoot as a backup if using GoPro.

Go through the steps to download the .gpx file and import it into Upload the video to YouTube and get the share URL and paste in the input.

Write a description, click submit, sign in with social and your video will be live on the video map!

Watch the video now to see the required steps.

Komoot Android app:

Komoot iPhone app: website:

GoPro .MP4 or .LRV Upload Demo

Calling all GoPro enthusiasts! Quickly browse the site. Add a route from GoPro .MP4 or .LRV files with ease and watch it automatically process and draw the route!

.MP4 or .LRV files are produced by GoPro cameras and others and contain the GPS data for the video if that option is enabled in the camera. magically reads and renders the GPS info contained within. does not actually upload the .LRV files but rather processes them within the browser. This is now the recommended way to add routes to the Street View Video Map if you have a GoPro camera.

As a bonus the GPS information within the .MP4 or .LRV also has timestamps for each coordinate which keeps the video in sync with the map at all times!

If you have a GoPro, watch the video and then go to the Street View Video Map to add your .MP4 or .LRVs. If you don't, go to browse!

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