New! Extract Video Frame As Photo

The Windows App has been discontinued. The Local Video Web Player now has all the same features. Please go to The Video Map now.

Screenshots and Instructions

Choose the photos folder in the video window.

When a video is loaded in the video window click the Choose Photos Folder button (ringed) always choosing the same folder each time you use the app. You can see the chosen path to the right of that button.

Click the drop photo marker button.

A yellow marker shows the position of each photo frame POI.

Click the yellow marker button (ringed) on the map within the Windows App and the current frame from the video will be extracted as a jpeg, saved to disk and opened in the photo window.

Be aware the photo window may pop under so check for it by clicking the icon in the Windows Taskbar.

Arrange the windows in a grid.

You can arrange the windows in a grid for convenience. You can see the photo in its own window (top right). You can click the yellow markers to see each photo frame POI.

You can later download all the POI photos from a video route as a KMZ file by clicking the KMZ button in the Windows App video window.

The local application has made it really easy to access and control HD video playback, which has made determining the location of roadway features very efficient. It’s allowed me to create a fully mapped video library of a city or town’s road network using hardware (GoPro cameras) that I already owned. Uploading the videos using the Batch feature is easy and very quick. The ability to watch videos in real time or using the variable speed distance-lapse still shots allows me to perform my roadway assessment without having to click constantly!

 Lance Baden, Baden Consulting Services, Massachusetts

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