Multiple video routes all on the same road may overlap making clicking and selecting the correct video route either difficult or impossible. Here you can see the green video routes converging and overlapping.

Solution: Use the Layer option to seperate video routes onto different layers.


Display KML and KMZ layers on the map to help you do your work

Select a different Layer. Here only one video route is displayed as the Layer text was added for only one video route.

A map of Australia with some KML pins.

Select a different Layer. The video route is now easier to click. Add the same Layer text to multiple video routes to group them together as one project layer.

When you next add a video route be sure to add some text to the Layer input to make selection easier.

More complex KML/KMZ files can be rendered on the map. Here we have hurricane data in the Carribean.
The local application has made it really easy to access and control HD video playback, which has made determining the location of roadway features very efficient. It’s allowed me to create a fully mapped video library of a city or town’s road network using hardware (GoPro cameras) that I already owned. Uploading the videos using the Batch feature is easy and very quick. The ability to watch videos in real time or using the variable speed distance-lapse still shots allows me to perform my roadway assessment without having to click constantly!

 Lance Baden, Baden Consulting Services, Massachusetts

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