Maps.video is a interactive, collaborative street view video map where people can upload or draw routes on the map that their YouTube or local video represents and have it immediately appear on the map. It is a completely new way to explore locations in a video format and can have videos from anywhere in the world.

The videos can be anything where the camera is moving along while recording such as walking, running, cycling, driving and road survey footage. Maps.video is the best mapping solution for these activities with easy drawing tools and instant inclusion on the map. This street view video map is ideally suited for virtual tour videos like walking tours, cycling videos, hyperlapse videos, parks and gardens, drone footage or exploring cities and the natural world.

Maps.video was conceived, programmed, designed and created entirely by Thomas Rumens, the director of Video Map Ltd. The website was originally called hyperlapsemap.com but he decided to rename it so the focus was not just hyperlapse videos. He has had this idea for over ten years but it is only recently that the technology has developed enough to make it possible.

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