New! Windows 10, Pro Video Surveying App!

Download the Windows 10 app and play videos directly from your hard drive with no loss of quality.

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Play awesome GoPro 4K videos directly from your hard drive with no loss of quality and no video editing or uploading needed!

Take advantage of dual monitors and have the videos in one screen and the map (next image) in another. Perfect for pro video surveying of roads for example or just enjoying the full video map experience.

Use the built in video tools to skip the video a certain distance with each click and even skip as a slideshow with a interval of your choosing. Also click to skip back and forth video frame by frame and see the world in incredible detail with the current position on the map!

With the Windows 10 app have the map in a seperate screen to the video.

With the Windows 10 app the map can be in a seperate screen to the video. Use the hand tool to stop the map moving as the video is playing and easily click on video route lines to instantly seek points in the video with no lag or buffering.

Try App In 4 Easy Steps:

Number one Download the example 4K road survey video (323MB) and unzip/extract.

Number two Download the Windows 10 App and install.

Number three Within app click 'Choose Videos Folder!' button and select the folder containing the video (within downloads - remember to unzip/extract!)

Number four Play the video and experience the full 4K local video quality!

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